Bi-lingual Health Consultation & Advisory Service

Dr. C. Y. Ngan seeing a patient

Dr . Roy Lie seeing Patient

Dr Gan seeing Patient

This service is provided by the Chinese-speaking doctors to help those who do not speak English and are unable to communicate with their GPs. The Chinese speaking doctors provide one to one consultation, the service is confidential. An appropriate referral will be made for the clients if needed.


由義務華人醫生提供此項服務,為幫助有言語困難,不能與自己家庭醫生溝通的華人。華人醫生提供一對一健康建議。並在恰當的時候給予轉介,絕對保密。目前華人醫生短缺,因此這項服務受到限制,避免造成不便,請於到來前,先致電0161 228 0138諮詢醫生當值日期及時間。

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