Every Friday morning 10.30 am-12 noon meet

This Walking Group was established in July 2009. We have just celebrated its 6th anniversary of the founding of group at the KwokMan restaurant with 97 people attended on 15th September 2015.  The walking group is led by a team of CHIC’ volunteers weekly. The aims are to promote physical mobility and well-being among the local Chinese population in Manchester especially those aged over 65 and enhance their social mental well-being. Since summer 2010 we have expanded the walking routes to other country parks within Greater Manchester areas. The group started with less than 10 people and the number of participants increased every year. Currently there are 106 members on the list. Since April 2015 on average about 40 people took part in the weekly walk. It has been recorded that 60 participants took part in one of the recent walks.

The verbal feedbacks from the participants were very encouraging that such activity had given them a lot of joys and happiness. This was also an opportunity for them to meet others, in particularly for those who live alone. They also claimed it would be impossible for them to go to these beautiful places without being led.




參加條件:你需能以自己步行的速度行60分鐘。要穿着適當的鞋,携帶雨傘或雨褸以防下雨。並在整個活動環節負責個人上落的安全。參加者必需是中心自助漫向健康步行組成員並要先填妥健康評估表格持有Ring & Ride的長者會員咭。歡迎長者參加。詳情請致電林姑娘, 電話: 0161 2280138

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