Group A : 10:am-11:30am and Group B: 11:30am-12:30pm

At the Chen’s Style Tai Chi Centre in Chinatown, Manchester

Since 2009, two Tai Chi Classes have been funded by MCC-Public Health for Chinese older people aged over 60+ on every Wednesday morning at the Chen’s Style Tai Chi Centre. Over 100 older people attended the classes during this period. Currently, there are 76 participants and on average 17 people attend each session weekly. 58(87%) female users and 9 (23%) male users. 45(67%) participants are from Manchester areas and 22 (33%) participants come from Greater Manchester areas. About 51(76%) over the age of 65+, 15(22%) aged between 54-64 and 1(2%) under 54. About 15%(10 people) are well over 80+.

The elders have reported that the Tai Chi has significantly improved their balance, they slept better, their limbs movements were stronger and less stiff. They also reported that they felt good that they had reduced to see GPs. Recently two colleagues from the Fall Prevention Team had visited the Tai Chi Classes and they were very impressed with the groups.




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