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2010 Summer Chinese Parents and Children

Category: Parents & Childrens Events, Walking to Health | Author: Shirley He

CHIC and the Ramblers Association jointly organized a four week Walking To Health Programme, specifically for Chinese parents and children in Manchester. The main theme of the programme was “Children Road Safety”, including recognizing the different shapes and colours of road traffic signals. Other activities including playing in the park, story reading and visiting local museum to enhance parents & children relationship. In total 28 people attended.

2010 Summer Chinese Parents and Children

Piccadilly Walking to Health led by Jen Green, Project Co-ordinator from Rambler on the 3rd August 2010. In total 18 parents & children took part.

2010 Summer Chinese Parents and Children:

Jen Green (left), Project Co-ordinator from Rambler explaining Road Safety to parents & children on the 3rd August 2010. at the Wu kau Tang Overseas Chinese Association. Interpretation was provided by staff Tammy Chan (right) CHIC.

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