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Physical and Emotional Health for Middle Age Women

Category: Community Health Talk | Author: Shirley He

CHIC organized a health talk about ‘Physical and emotional health for middle age women’. This talk was delivered by Professor Suk Lan Tang (Chinese Herbal Practitioner) in Mandarin. She talked in details the types of problems women could have along with their symptoms, and the traditional Chinese medicine used to solve these problems. She shared the five tips for the middle age women to keep physically and emotionally healthy which were healthy eating, be positive, relax, go outdoors regularly and have a healthy sex life. Professor Tang also provided one to one consultation with the audience.

是晚由湯淑蘭教授 – 中醫師用普通話主講。她長細講解類型中年婦女問題及症狀,並用中國傳統醫學來解決這些問題。她分享了中年婦女的五種技巧保持身體和情緒健康,健康飲食、是積極的、放鬆心情、定期去戶外及並有健康的性生活。湯教授還提供一對一的諮詢與觀眾。


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