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Depression and Low Mood Self-help

Category: Community Health Talk | Author: Shirley He

On the 28th February 2011, a Depression and Low Mood Self-help guide workshop was held in CHIC. Shirley He, the Nurse Operational Manager facilitated this workshop and gave a detailed presentation about ‘Depression, Low Mood and the Self-help guide’ in Cantonese. The signs of symptoms, causes and self-care management of depression and low mood were well explained. The topic generated a lot of interesting discussion and interaction among the participants who shared some of their experiences. 22 people attended.

Depression & Low Mood


Home Fire and Fall Prevention Awareness

Category: Community Health Talk, Older People Activities | Author: Shirley He

A group of 12 people aged over 60+ attended the Home Safety & Fall Prevention Awareness Workshop which was facilitated in Cantonese by Shirley He, Nurse Operations Manager of CHIC. Group discussion and an interaction were encouraged. The causes and awareness of the common types of home accidents including home fire, choking and food poisoning, burns ad scalding and fall were discussed and explained. Accidents occurred in the kitchen, stairs, bathroom, and living room were shared. The importance of having a safe home environment were promoted such as having sufficient light, installation OF smoke alarmed, wearing suitable shoes, be careful with boiling kettle, oil and soup, keep living room free of stuff, tidy and neat, avoid electric wires lying around, keep bathroom clean and dry to avoid tripping over and falls. Audience were encouraged to wear suitable walking shoes, do regular exercise.

Home Fire & Fall Prevention

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