Bury Market Tour – 遊覽庇利市場

Category: Older People Activities | Author: Shirley He

Bury Market Tour on 15th January 2014

On Wednesday, 15th January 2014, CHIC arranged a short tour to Bury Market for the Chinese older people aged over 65. The afternoon was led by two staff members and they had fish and chips for lunch inside the Market. Then the elders walked around the Market, they were fascinated when they saw the many different kinds of seafood and fresh fish. The fish stall owner and his staff were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the Chinese over buying fish. They not only gave the elders a warm friendly serving and unexpectedly they generously offered the elders free salmon heads and fish bones for making delicious soup; thus surprise the elders unexpectedly with joy, making the occasion unforgettable


華人醫務諮詢中心為70歲以上華人長者安排到庇利市場(Bury Market) 作人員先領長者們在街市亨用魚条午膳,之後在街市周圍逛逛,到了魚市場時長者們非常開心和特別著迷見到許多不同種類的海鮮和新鮮魚。魚檔老闆和他的工作人員看到中國人如此狂熱地購買魚,非常之感動。們不僅熱情招待長者們並特別優惠贈送三文魚頭和魚骨熬湯給長者們製作美味的湯,令長者們意外惊喜及留下深刻的印象。

Bury Market

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