NHS Bowel Screening – 大腸檢查

Category: Community Health Talk | Author: Shirley He

Shirley He gave the talk in Cantonese. She talked in detail about bowel cancer’s symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention. She encouraged the elderly to attend Bowel Screening checks once the invitation is received. And always be aware that if there are any bowel changes or blood on stools, you must see your GP immediately. Shirley also explained the importance of having 5 a day and exercising daily to maintain a healthy bowel.

由林姑娘主講。她用廣東話講解有關腸癌的症狀、病因、治療及預防的細節。目的是鼓勵年歲超過 60歲人仕收到大腸檢查邀請信時應做這項檢查。她提醒大家如果注意到任何不尋常的變化及大腸習惯,應立即諮詢家庭醫生。林姑娘還鼓勵聽眾要注意均衡飲食及多做運動才可以保持健康大腸。

NHS Bowel Screening

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