Shoulders Troubles and Treatment – 肩膀毛病及治療

Category: Community Health Talk | Author: Shirley He

CHIC held a health talk called ‘Shoulder Troubles and Treatment’ in Little Yang Sing Restaurant. Dr. Daniel Tang, a Consultant of Orthopedic Surgeon was invited to be the main speaker. He talked in detail about causes, signs and symptoms, various types of treatment and many types of shoulder problems in Cantonese. After the talk, Dr. Tang provided one to one consultations with the audience.

是日由骨科外科顧問-鄧東成醫生用廣東話主講。他講解肩膀毛病的原因、症狀、一 般不同的治療及一般不同類型的肩膀毛病。鄧醫生還提供一對一健康諮詢。

Shoulders Troubles and Treatment

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