Anxiety and Stress

Category: Community Health Talk | Author: Shirley He

In response to October 2010 WMHD, CHIC organized 2 separate workshops to raise awareness on Anxiety and Stress on 4th October and Sleep problems on 6th October 2010. Shirley He, CHIC Nurse Operations Manager facilitated the both workshops in the forms of group work and discussion. Participants were asked to share of their views of the causes, symptoms of anxiety and sleep problems as well as giving solutions to manage these issues. The Self-guide Booklets on Anxiety and Stress, and Sleep Problems produced by NHS Manchester PCT were used as information source to help how to self help to manage these problems. The general feed back from the participants was very good; in particularly there was a lot of involvement and interaction in the Sleep Problems Workshop. In total over 42 people took part in both workshops.

Anxiety & Stress Workshop

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