Cancer Symptoms Awareness Staff Training

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‘Cancer symptoms Awareness’ Training For staff, volunteers and health interpreters on 28th May 2016, 13 people attended.

CHIC provided a Cancer Symptoms Awareness Training on 28th May 2016 for staff, volunteers and health interpreters. The speaker was Nabila Farooq from the Macmillan Information & Support Service of MCC. Nabila spoke in English and she covered a wide range of different types of cancer symptoms. Group discussion took place which generated a lot of interest. Feedback was very positive. All participants reported that the training was good and they all had learnt much.


中心於2016年5月28日為員工, 義工及健康傳譯員提供一天的癌症徵狀認知培訓。是日由娜比拉·花韋用英語詳細解各種癌症的症狀。並分組討論問題。參與者十分之投入及很感興趣。對此次的培訓給予非常好的評價; 都說他們得到許多知識。

Cancer Symptom Awareness Training

Cancer Symptoms Awareness Staff Training

Cancer Symptoms Awareness Staff Training

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