Clayton Vale Health Walk

Category: Walking to Health | Author: Shirley He

Day Trip in Bakewell and Buxton 105 people took part on 25-6-2016.

An event was organised by CHIC for the older people to go for a day trip to Bakewell and Buxton on 25th June 2016. 105 people (including 93 (89%) CHIC’s users and 12 (11%) staffs and volunteers) took part in the day event. The day was sunny ending with. Free lunch was provided. Verbal feedback was very good. All participants reported they had a very good time.


這次是由華人醫務中心為長者們安排了去貝克韋爾及巴克斯頓一天遊。總共有105人(包括93 (89%)位中心使用者及12(11%)位工作人員)參加。當天,天氣晴朗,陽光燦燦。他們漫步遊覽貝克韋爾市中心和巴克斯公園及在當地的市集購物。他們每個人都很享受這一天遊並有提供免費午餐三文治給他們。

Clayton Vale Health Walk

Clayton Vale Health Walk

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