Community Health Walk-Wythenshawe Park

Category: Parents & Childrens Events, Walking to Health | Author: Shirley He

On Monday 30th July 2012, the Chinese Health Information Centre (CHIC) organised a Community Health Walk in Wythenshawe Park; aimed at Chinese parents, children and adults in order to promote the benefits of regular walking as well as strengthening parenting relationship skills. The adults also enjoyed the scenery and the colourful flowers and wildlife that surrounded the park. A picnic in the park was also arranged where the adults and children enjoyed eating in the embrace of nature. Furthermore, the children had a great time in the park’s playground as they played on the swings and the slides with their parents and other children who were in the park. A total of 39 people and 6 staff and voluntary workers assisted this event.

Community Health Walk - Wythenshawe Park

Community Health Walk - Wythenshawe Park

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