Parents & Children day trip to Eureka

Category: Parents & Childrens Events | Author: Shirley He

On the 13th August 2011, our centre organised a day trip for a group of parents and children to Eureka! National Children’s Museum. In total there were 16 families (22 parents and 27 children) who attended the trip; children’s age ranged from 15 months to 13 years old.

Euraka Parent & Children Day Trip

On the day, we hired a 53-seats coach that offered free travel for families for the trip, we also offered five pounds sponsored admission fee for each attended family. 3 volunteers came to help and looked after the children throughout the trip.

Euraka Parent & Children Day Trip

We travelled by the coach in the morning and arrived in Eureka just before mid-day. In the museum we visited the indoor galleries first. There were six galleries with different exhibitions and hands-on experiences for not only children but there were chances for parents to explore and learn new things.

Euraka Parent & Children Day Trip

After visiting the museum galleries indoor, we arranged our lunch outdoors, so that parents and children could sit together and enjoy their lunches. of course, a chance for everybody to meet new friends. After lunch, children enjoyed their free time in the out-door play areas. It provided exciting and inspiring materials for children to explore, create, discover and learn. Children enjoyed spending time in the Eureka! ‘Beach’ building sandcastles as well as discovering in the creative play area.

Everybody enjoyed the day, and would love to join us for the next event.

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