Focus Group Meeting for the Chinese Community

Category: Community Organizing Project, Meet Your Local Councillor | Author: Shirley He

This was meeting was facilitated by the Community Organizer Pollyanna Steiner and a Cantonese interpreter was used. The purpose of the forum group was to collect information from the members of the local Chinese community in Manchester in response to the issues raised with Councillor Peel. These issues include the parking limit in Chinatown, installing benches in the Arndale Centre and the Gardening project. This is to make preparations to meet Councillor Kevin Peel and his colleague from the High Way Department. 28 participants (7 male, 21 female) actively involved and gave their input.

2014年6月13日,在中心進行焦點小組商討會,由社區組織者-寶莉安娜主持並由一位廣東話傳譯員即場傳譯.主要目的是收集資料和意見關於改善唐人街泊車時間及泊車收費,在市中心的商場裡那裡安裝供人坐的長椅以及園藝計劃. 預備下次與市政府議員開時討論. 共有28人踴躍參加此項活動.

Focus Group Meeting for the Chinese community

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