Meeting with Councillor Kevin Peel

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Meeting with the councillor Kevin Peel on the 30th May 2014. 18 people attended.

20 members from the local Chinese community had a meeting with the Councillor Kevin Peel to discuss the issues raised on the 27th March 2014. The Councillor announced that there will be new bins to replace the old ones and extra bins will be put in Chinatown and around the City Centre. Work will be done on the pavements and tree trimming around Canal Street and Richmond Street. Discussion is underway as to how and where to install the benches in the City Centre. Participants were pleased with the outcome. A monthly meeting has been agreed with the councillor. CHIC provides an ideal platform and an easy access for service users and members of the local Chinese community for their voices to be heard. A Cantonese interpreter was used to enable such meeting to take place. The next meeting will be held on 27th June 2014 at 12.30pm at CHIC. We welcome local members to get involved.

曼城社區華人興市政府議員皮爾-嘉泛開大會, 18人參與。

華人社區人仕於2014年五月三十日在中心與議員皮爾-嘉泛開會討論在3月27日開會時所題出的問題. 這次議員帶回來積極回應。議員皮爾宣佈將會有新的垃圾桶取代舊的和額外的垃圾桶將放置唐人街和城市中心周圍。並會修整同性戀村的行人道和修剪那里的樹木。並將進一步討論以怎樣方式及在城市中心哪裡安裝長凳。參與者對大會結果感到滿意。每月與政府議員舉行會議的計劃已落實。中心為服務使用者和當地唐人社區的成員提供一個理想的平台,使他們的聲音方便地被聆聽。這些會議都有安排廣東話傳譯員。

Meeting with Councillor Kevin Peel

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