Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

Category: Community Health Talk | Author: Shirley He

‘Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease’ on 25-10-2010 Total attendees : 30 Venue – CHIC

On the 25th October 2010, a health talk was held in Chinese Health Information Centre (CHIC). Shirley He, the Nurse Operational Manager gave a detailed presentation about ‘Prevention of Coronary of Heart Disease’ in Cantonese. Information of the signs of symptoms, causes, the treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease were provided. She encouraged the audience to do more exercise and stressed that they should avoid foods that contain high sugar, fat and salt content.

Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease


In total 30 people attended the health talk. The majority (21, 75%) of the people who attended the event were in the age of 65 and over. 5 (18%) people are in the 55-64 age group and 2 (7%) did not disclose their age.

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