Thursday Tai Chi Class for 50+

Category: Tai Chi Class | Author: Shirley He

Thursday Tai Chi Class for 50+

Since April 2015, CHIC in cooperation with Yours Tung Sing to set up an extra free Tai Chi Class for people over the aged 50+. The class increased in participants from 11 to 31 people. The oldest one aged over 80 years old. (52%) 16 participants came from Manchester areas and 15 (48%) from Greater Manchester areas including Stockport, Trafford and Oldham. Of the Manchester areas about one third (32%, 10) of the participants are the residents of Yours Tung Sing living in the Manchester City Centre, 19% (6) participants from various parts of Manchester areas. The classes will end by March 2016.

自2015年四月,CHIC與您的東昇夥伴合作多開辦了一堂太極班,專為50歲以上年青長者提供免費太極運動。此項服務從11人增加到有31人參加。最年長的年齡超過80多歲。16人(52%)來自曼徹斯特區,15人(48%)來自大曼徹斯特區包括斯托普,查福區和奧爾德姆區。三分之一(32%,10人)是在曼城市中心您的東昇房屋的住戶, 19%(6人)則分佈在曼徹斯特各地區的長者。此項服務將於明年2016年3月結束。

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