Urological Diseases

Category: Community Health Talk | Author: Shirley He

On the 25th April 2012, a health talk about ‘Urological Diseases (including bladder and prostate Cancer)’ was held in Kwok Man Restaurant. Mr. Wai Man Chow, Consultant of Urology from North Manchester General Hospital, was invited to be the main speaker. He spoke in fluent Cantonese to explain in details the signs and symptoms, causes and treatment. Prevention of urological diseases including bladder and prostate cancer were also explained in great depth. The audience was very grateful for Mr. Chow who gave his variable time for the health talk.In total 48 people attended the talk.

27 (56%) females and 21 (44%) males attended. 19 (40%) people in the age group of 45-59, 10 (21%) people in the age group of 60-69, 12 (25%) people in the age 70 and over, 5 (10%) people in the age group of 26-44 and 1 (2%) person in the age group of 16-25 attended the talk. 1 (2%) person did not provide their details. There were 8 newcomers. The feedback from the community was very positive and encouraging.

Urological Disease

Urological Disease

Urological Disease

Appreciation Award was presented to Mr Wai Man Chow by Warren Yeung (the Chairman of CHIC).

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