Community Gardening Course

Category: Community Organizing Project, Sow the City | Author: Shirley He

The first lesson (see photos) was on 31-5-2014, 8 people took part. They were taught how to sow the see in plug tray, how to choose suitable fruits and vegetables in different seasons. After much this discussion it was planned to plant some fruits and vegetables around the garden in Chinatown.


種植屬於您的水果和蔬菜五個星期免費課程逢星期四, 早上10時至中午12時. 曼城唐人街集合
只限12人參加. 請促報名. 電話: 0161 228 0138. 日期: 2014年5月29日及6月 5, 12,19 及26日.

第一堂(見图片)有八人參與, 培訓員在義工傳譯員協助下,教導參加者基本方法怎樣栽種和如何選擇不種類的蔬菜種植及要注意的事項. 經過商討他們選了環繞曼城唐人街沿着涼亭附近栽種一些蔬菜.


Community Gardering

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